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In Lexington, South Carolina, families enjoy viewing a natural waterfall at Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve. Outdoor enthusiasts look forward to hiking adventures via the Fourteen Mile Creek Trail featuring a wading creek and a small meadow. In addition to communing with nature, residents love attending live concerts at the Icehouse Amphitheater. Local restaurants offer enticing menus featuring delicious breakfasts and barbecues.

Cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, Palmetto bugs, ticks, termites and fire ants relish the warm South Carolina climate. Unfortunately, pests cause problems for residents and business owners. A bug’s talent involves finding a hiding place rendering their whereabouts a mystery. Lexington Pest Control hires exterminators who understand the ploys created by bugs and other pests.

Residential Pest Control

Fire ant infestations can lead to serious, painful injuries. A pest control service combats the problem by employing an environmentally friendly liquid or granular treatment. Homeowners can have complete confidence that fire ant issues no longer exist when they contract with Lexington Pest Control. In addition, experienced pest control workers tackle problems associated with spiders, mosquitoes and wildlife inhabitants.

Pests We Service:

Commercial Pest Control

A restaurant owner does not want customers complaining about fire ants crawling on their tabletops or visible mice munching on chunks of cheese. A hotel proprietor does not relish hearing complaints about bedbugs interfering with the happiness of valued guests. An apartment complex manager wants residents to dwell in apartments devoid of cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents and other pests. A thorough Lexington Pest Control inspection of the premises determines entryways into buildings. Regular treatments, sanitation methods and strategic placements of bait traps help eliminate pest problems.

Commercial Pest Control Services:

Termite Control

Excessive humidity causes termites to exist and multiply in Lexington. We exterminate termites before they cause damage to a building’s structure by applying a liquid or Baiting with Sentricon treatment. Working with a pest control service can prevent homeowners from spending thousands of dollars to repair foundations and other structural damage caused by termites.

Bed Bug Treatments

No one living in Lexington wants to have a bed bug problem. Luckily, an exterminator crew tackles a bed bug infestation using either heat or chemical treatments. The first step is to make arrangements for a free inspection. Homeowners do not need to worry about the chemicals used because they do not harm children or pets. Bed bug treatments automatically include follow-up appointments from pest control inspectors.

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Pests can be extremely annoying to get rid of on your own. Do it Yourself pest control techniques don’t always work as advertised because pest infestations spread so rapidly. If you are tired of fighting a pest infestation and want to get rid of the pests once and for all, hire a pest control company. If you are located in Lexington and are in need of one, we can help. At ProCore Pest Control, we take the time to inspect your entire property to make sure your home is 100% pest free!

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