Do You Need a CL-100 Termite Letter – Wood Infestation Report?

A WIR or CL-100 report details visible infestation and damage caused by insects including termites and decay in accessible areas of a structure. These reports are usually required by the mortgage lender or the buyer in a real estate transaction.  Whether you are a buyer, seller or realtor, why take aquired inspection/report for wood destroying organisms? Procore Pest Control can provide an exclusive inspection program is the best in South Carolina.  

To ensure that you aren’t getting a family of termites or wood destroying insects when you buy a home a Wood infestation report is generally required. This will also cover any moisture related problems found by our service professional. Obtaining this through a realtor is the most common way to obtain this. Generally our costs for letters are around $100 and are good for about 45 days.

Wood Destroying Insect Report
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5 Star Review

Very happy with the fast response and the professional service.

Mina Scott Barnes
5 Star Review

We love Matt. He is so friendly and always does a great job.

WhitneyLane DeWitt
5 Star Review

We started using ProCore a couple of years ago, and can't say enough about how much we like them. Aside for the obvious perks of "no critters", we like the fact that we have the same technician for every application, so they get to know your property. I'm sure all of their technicians are professionals, but our tech, Matt B. is excellent. If you're looking for a pest control service give them a call..... and ask for Matt. You'll be glad you did.

Jason Kenny