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We understand the urgency of needing a pest control solution, which is why we are happy to provide same-day services.

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We value building relationships, so we provide the same technician for your service every time so that you can see a familiar face! 

Pest Control in Piedmont, SC

Insects and other pests love South Carolina's warm, humid weather. But that doesn't mean you have to share your home with them. Say goodbye to unwanted pests and protect your home with ProCore Pest Control's reliable Pest Control services in Piedmont, South Carolina. Here's why you should choose us:

  • Customized Treatment: Your home is unique, and so are its pest control needs. We begin with a thorough inspection, identifying entry points and existing pest issues. Our customized approach ensures the most effective and targeted treatment for your specific situation.
  • Protective Barrier: We don't just eliminate pests; we create a protective barrier around the perimeter of your home to prevent future infestations. Our goal is to provide long-lasting results that keep your home pest-free.
  • Recurring Treatments: Ensure continuous protection with our scheduled recurring treatments, designed to keep pests at bay throughout the year. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is consistently safeguarded.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If pests return between visits, let us know, and we'll re-treat your home for free.

Pest Control From a Familiar Face

As a locally owned and operated business, we take pride in providing personalized service. You'll always have the same technician, a familiar face who understands your needs and addresses any questions or concerns throughout the treatment process. Not in Piedmont? Our Greenville exterminators service all throughout the area!

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Termite Exterminator in Piedmont

Protect your home from year-round termite threats in Piedmont, South Carolina, with ProCore Pest Control's dedicated termite extermination services. Here's why our termite control stands out:

  • Year-Round Vigilance: Termites are active all year in the South, posing a constant threat to homes. ProCore Pest Control offers both reactive and preventative solutions, ensuring your home stays termite-free.
  • Comprehensive Inspections: Our termite exterminators conduct thorough inspections to identify termite damage and signs of activity. This careful examination allows us to tailor our treatments to the specific needs of your home.
  • Effective Bait Systems: We use cutting-edge termite control methods, such as the Sentricon© System. Bait stations strategically placed around your home create a protective bubble. Termites are drawn to the bait, which they prefer over wood, leading to the complete elimination of the colony, including the queen.
  • Powerful Termiticides: Our treatments include the use of termiticides like Termidor©, providing long-term relief and protection. This ensures that termites are not only eliminated but also kept at bay, preventing future infestations.

Guaranteed Elimination

ProCore Pest Control stands by the effectiveness of our termite treatments. We guarantee complete elimination through pre-treatments, post-construction treatments, and ongoing inspections. Your peace of mind is our priority. Get started with us toady!

Bed Bug Exterminator in Piedmont

Experience swift and effective relief from bed bugs with ProCore Pest Control's unparalleled bed bug control services in Piedmont, South Carolina. Our comprehensive bed bug treatment plans ensure your home is free from these elusive pests. Here's what sets our services apart:

  • Our skilled technicians conduct meticulous inspections, searching every room for bed bugs.
  • Our effective heat treatments raise your home's temperature to 138 degrees Fahrenheit, eliminating all bed bugs and their eggs in a single visit.
  • In addition to heat treatments, we employ targeted liquid and dust treatments as needed, addressing specific areas where bed bugs may be hiding.
  • Our bed bug heat treatments are backed by a 90-day warranty. If bed bugs return within this period, we'll work with you to address the issue at no additional cost.

Don't let bed bugs disrupt your peace of mind. Choose ProCore Pest Control in Piedmont, South Carolina, for swift, effective, and same-day bed bug elimination. Contact us today to schedule your bed bug inspection and reclaim your home from these persistent pests.

Mosquito Control Services in Piedmont

Reclaim your outdoor space and shield your family from pesky mosquitoes with ProCore Pest Control's top-notch mosquito control services in Piedmont, South Carolina. Our Barrier Spray Program ensures lasting protection, focusing on eliminating breeding and resting sites before mosquitoes become a nuisance. Here's what makes our mosquito control services exceptional:

  • Full Inspection: Benefit from a comprehensive inspection to pinpoint high activity areas and breeding zones, allowing us to tailor our treatments for maximum effectiveness.
  • Recurring Treatments: Enjoy long-lasting protection with available recurring treatments every month. Our strategic approach ensures mosquitoes are kept at bay throughout the season.
  • Reliable Protection: Invest in reliable protection against mosquitoes, as well as other yard pests like fleas and ticks. Our meticulous approach ensures a thorough and effective solution.
5 Star Review

Matt has been so responsive and professional since day one when I reached out to him, some of my neighbours have used his services and he was referred to me by one of them. I truly believe that "word-of-mouth" works best than a commercial or advertising. I will share his information to anyone that wants pest control service on their property at any time!


Thank you Matt for being so awesome!!


Yoli Gamboa-Hernandez

Yoli Gamboa
5 Star Review

Technician very courteous and professional. He arrived on time and performed his work promptly. We are very pleased

Steve Brock
5 Star Review

Techs are always friendly and knowledgeable, would recommend!

Bradley Morris
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