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North Charleston is among the largest cities in South Carolina. Residents love this area’s versatility. While there’s a lot to do here, you can still experience peaceful living. Some great beaches are also only a short drive away. If you have a home or business in North Charlestown, don’t neglect the importance of pest control. Insects and other vermin can become serious headaches.

Residential Pest Control

North Charleston homeowners can’t afford to ignore pest control. Pest infestations can be very stressful to deal with on your own, especially if the infestation has already spread.

North Charleston weather tends to be humid during the summer, creating a perfect habitat for pests. Because of this, homeowners need to know how to prevent different kinds of pests of the area. It doesn’t take long for pests to multiply and make it more difficult to get rid of.

Pests We Service:

North Charleston Commercial Pest Control

Commercial property owners in North Charleston need an integrated pest control management system. Even small pest issues need to be eliminated quickly. An unchecked infestation can lead to a nightmare situation. Businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, stand to lose a lot of money in just a short time.

Our Commercial Pest Control Services

Termite Control

Few pests can cause as much financial loss as termites. These wood-devouring insects prefer to occupy dark areas, thus making them more difficult to detect. This is why experts advise getting an annual termite inspection. An experienced pest control professional knows how to detect the signs of termite activity. The exterminating team will then be able to develop a plan to get rid of these troublesome pests.

Bed Bugs

When living with bed bugs, life is a lot less comfortable. While these bugs generally remain hidden during the day, they’ll often emerge at night to feed. Unfortunately, your blood is their favorite food source. When you awaken in the morning, there could be several itchy bite marks on your skin. The best way to handle a bed bug problem is to contact a North Charleston pest control expert.

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Fighting a pest infestation on your own can be challenging. Pests are super invasive but sneaky. You could have hundreds of pests in your walls before you even see one for yourself. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional pest control company like ProCore Pest Control.

Our North Charleston pest control experts inspect your entire home and eliminate the infestation at the source.

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