Chesapeake Pest Control

Chesapeake, VA, has the state’s second largest population after Virginia Beach. The area is composed mostly of forests and wetlands, making it a great place for hikes and other forms of outdoor recreation. However, Chesapeake residents know that there’s a price to pay for the natural beauty around them. The humid subtropical climate makes this area vulnerable to all kinds of pests, many of which destroy property and threaten human life.

For example, did you know that your home can become infested by bedbugs? They’re not just attracted to cheap motels; they go anywhere that’s warm, nesting in mattresses and emerging at night to suck people’s blood. Then you have subterranean termites that can eat your wooden structures, German roaches that eat furniture glue, and rodents that can cause your restaurant to be shut down in no time.

At ProCore Pest Control, we have the resources, tools, and skills to address any pest infestation. Here’s a breakdown of our main services.

Residential Pest Control

We’re sensitive to the unique needs of homeowners, in particular those with families and with pets. We’ll quickly, accurately pinpoint the source of your pest invasion and create a customized treatment plan.

Our technicians will use environmentally friendly methods for getting rid of your ants, flies, cockroaches, rodents, and other pests. Best of all, we offer four service plans that combine diverse pest treatments with continual monitoring and preventative care, including crawl space treatments.

Pests We Service:

Commercial Pest Control

Whether you’re a business owner, landlord, or property manager, our commercial pest control services will cover all of your pest control needs. We’ll work with you to create an effective strategy to keep your business pest free. Our Chesapeake pest control experts can come by at a time that doesn’t attract unwanted attention and be discreet about their work.

We won’t compromise when it comes to the comprehensive nature of that work, though. Depending on the service plan you choose, we could take on termites, fire ants, and even any bee and wasp nests that are keeping customers away from your property. We regularly provide service for:

Termite Control

Termites can cause some serious damage to your Virginia home. They cause millions of dollars worth of damages every year. Don’t let your home a victim of termite damage, get help from a local termite exterminator.

To eliminate subterranean termites, we use a bait system called the Sentricon® system. This has proven to be a great alternative to liquid termiticide barriers, which require one to drill into the foundation of a property.

Bedbug Treatment

Bedbugs can be hard to spot, but there’s a sure-fire way to get rid of them: extreme heat. We can heat up whole rooms to a temperature that proves lethal to them but not necessarily harmful to your belongings. Traditional chemical treatments are another possibility.

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If you are losing sleep or are stressed about a pest infestation in your home, Pro Core Pest Control can help.

Our Chesapeake pest control experts take the time to inspect your entire property to identify potential entry points. Once the entry point has been identified, we’ll exterminate the infestation from the source and lay traps to prevent pests from returning.

Don’t fight off a pest infestation on your own!

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