How To Spot a Pest Problem

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When it comes to pests, no one wants to see them. 

The only thing worse than seeing an unwelcome furry (or scaly) friend around your house is knowing that they’re living in your home without you knowing it. 

So what do you look for? How can you tell if you have a problem on your hands? Here are four tips on how to spot a pest problem.

1. Look for Urine Stains.

Pest urine stains are often easy to spot, especially once the pests have left their mark for you to find. Where do they tend to leave these stains? They will usually be by doors, where furniture meets walls, under heavy appliances like refrigerators and stoves, in cabinets or pantries, on carpets near baseboards (mice), along cracks in floorboards or tiles (ants), or anywhere else that is inconspicuous.

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2. Observe Noisy Guests.

It might not always be easy to tell what’s causing the noises in your home if you’re not actually there when it happens. 

However, if you hear sounds like scurrying or rustling from what seems like inside of your walls, then it’s almost certainly some kind of rodent, likely mice, that have invaded your home. 

Mice tend to make noise at night more often than unwelcome guests from the insect family would.

So, if you’re hearing an unusual amount of scurrying around at night when there shouldn’t be during those hours, you may have got some unwanted guests with no regard for your sleep schedule.

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3. Keep an Eye Out for Insect Droppings or Smudges.

It’s usually pretty easy to spot this since insects like cockroaches, ants, and bedbugs tend to leave droppings everywhere they go. You’ll also notice smudges on the walls if there are mice in the house. 

This is one of the main signs that you’ve got a pest problem since these creatures won’t keep themselves out of sight all the time.

4. Notice What You’re Seeing Around Your Home.

You should always be looking around for changes in your home environment that don’t seem quite right– especially if everything was just fine when you were away from home.

Giant holes in your coffee table or big scrapes on your exterior walls are not a sign of good fortune. This is a clear signal that you’ve got unwanted visitors who are coming and going as they please without any concern for your property whatsoever.

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