How Spring Cleaning Can Prevent Pest Infestations

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Spring is approaching, and many good things are tagging along with it!

However, some things can cause disagreements in households, such as spring cleaning. Some people love spring cleaning. Meanwhile, other people… don’t feel that way. 

No matter what camp you find yourself in, spring cleaning has some big benefits! One of those big benefits is the ongoing prevention of pest infestations. From our perspective, that’s a good enough reason to look at spring cleaning in a whole new light. 

In the hopes that you’ll join us in that perspective, we’ll illustrate how spring cleaning can prevent pest infestations. 

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A Clear View of Your Home

As you’re in the process of spring cleaning, I’m willing to bet that you get access to areas of your home that you seldom visit. That could be in a corner behind the bed or an area of the garage typically buried in boxes. 

While you have that access–you use it. Use it to find any cracks or crevices that pests could easily take advantage of. Once found, you can use a simple sealer to prevent a pest from squeezing through in the future. 

Removing Anything That Attracts Pests

Over the last year, there has definitely been more than one case of dropped food. The particles of that food can still be lingering around, attracting pests such as cockroaches. Even if it’s not enough for you to notice, that doesn’t mean it’s not enough for pests to live. 

So, the intense cleaning that takes place during spring is really good! Use it to remove those particles. If you don’t know where to focus, try the kitchen or dining room first and work your way out.

Eliminate Standing Water

Don’t limit yourself to inside the house during spring cleaning. 

Take a look around your property to ensure there’s nothing around attracting pests. It could be something as ordinary as standing water, so if you find some, it’s a good idea to eliminate it there and then. 

Mosquitoes, in particular, love standing water for breeding, which is the last thing you want. 

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with pests even after these tips, there’s one thing you can do. Call in reinforcements. By calling a professional pest control company, you’ll ensure your home’s safety–and by extension, your family’s safety. 

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