Located in northwestern South Carolina, Simpsonville is among the state’s best small towns. However, it continues to grow with each passing year. Residents love the area’s peaceful atmosphere and rural surroundings. While many people enjoy living here, pests can still become a big problem. This is why you need to have a Simpsonville pest control expert on call.

Residential Pest Control

When relaxing at home, the last thing you want to deal with is a pest problem. Although they often remain hidden, creepy crawlies are always somewhere lurking nearby. During the late spring, mosquitoes become especially active. These blood-lusting parasites love hot, humid weather. To help keep your family safe, it’s a good idea to have your property treated by a Simpsonville pest control technician.

Cockroaches can be just as troublesome. Once these insects get inside your home, they will quickly start to increase in number. Like cockroaches, rodents are known for creating unsanitary living conditions. Mice and rats can also cause a great deal of property damage.

Pests We Service:

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial property owners absolutely need an effective pest management plan. Even a seemingly minor bug problem needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Not only can pests destroy property, but they also create serious health concerns. Restaurants and hotels definitely can’t afford to experience any mishaps. People tend to associate pests with a lack of cleanliness.

When customers discover pests, they won’t hesitate to spread the bad news. The reputation of your business could be permanently stained. Other places that need to protect against pests include warehouses, daycares, retail stores, office buildings, and healthcare facilities.

Commercial Pest Control Services:

Termite Control

Termites have the potential to cause more property damage than any other pest in Simpsonville. These wood-eating insects can slowly consume structures from the inside out. If you don’t catch problems early, you could be facing thousands of dollars in repairs. To be on the safe side, it’s recommended to get an annual termite inspection by a Simpsonville termite control company.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are more than just nuisances. They can cause quite a few health issues, including allergy and asthma flair-ups. Unfortunately, most do-it-yourself methods are ineffective against bed bugs. Your best bet is to contact a Simpsonville pest control professional. Our bed bug heat treatments are safe and effective. We can kill these bugs and their eggs without exposing your family to any dangerous chemicals.

Hire a Simpsonville Pest Control Company

If you are looking to hire a pest control company in Simpsonville, South Carolina, you can trust ProCore Pest Control to solve your pest issues. Our fully licensed professionals promise to get the job done. Contact our team today to get a free quote on all of our pest control services! We look forward to hearing from you!