Do You Need a CL-100 Termite Letter – Wood Infestation Report?

A WIR or CL-100 report details visible infestation and damage caused by insects including termites and decay in accessible areas of a structure. These reports are usually required by the mortgage lender or the buyer in a real estate transaction.  Whether you are a buyer, seller or realtor, why take aquired inspection/report for wood destroying organisms? Procore Pest Control can provide an exclusive inspection program is the best in South Carolina.  

To ensure that you aren’t getting a family of termites or wood destroying insects when you buy a home a Wood infestation report is generally required. This will also cover any moisture related problems found by our service professional. Obtaining this through a realtor is the most common way to obtain this. Generally our costs for letters are around $100 and are good for about 45 days.

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