Which Rodents Are You Likely to See During the Winter?

Winter is approaching and many homeowners are beginning to get concerned about rodents. There are many species that will hibernate during the winter, but not all rodents will. Some rodents might seek shelter in a much warmer place, like your home or garage. So, which kind of rodents might you be seeing this winter? 

Which Rodents Are You Likely to See During the Winter?


Certain squirrels are active during the colder months like December and January when they’re mating. Those certain types of squirrels include eastern gray squirrels, reddish-brown fox squirrels and the common tree squirrels. 

Most kinds of squirrels will otherwise become inactive and remain in their nests during the winter months. They do not hibernate. Squirrels enjoy residing in attics to nest and store food during the winter. 


Raccoons during the winter will often den up and try to ride out the worst of the winter climate. They enjoy creating messes from your garbage since they can easily open trash bins. 

Maintain the health of your yard and overall outside of your home, keeping it clean and free from rodents. This way, you become less likely to experience a home infestation this season. Junk piles, excess trash, pet ecrements and a messy yard in general will for sure attract these rodents. 

Mice and Rats

These rodents are always alert throughout the winter, but you may not see them unless they desperately need food. This is because both rats and mice are nocturnal. They usually have a small store of food and will go out for more. However, the cold weather may drive them indoors for some shelter and nourishment. 


Once winter finally arrives, it’s crucial that you do not let your guard down! It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Rodents will never stop, but, neither will ProCore Pest Control! If you happen to have a rodent invade your home, contact ProCore Pest Control immediately. We will eliminate them from your home in no time!