No Problem! Call our Rodent Removal Experts Now to get a free, honest inspection of your home, attic, and property to determine if you have rats or mice anywhere on your property. 

We don’t present a one-size-fits-all solution to rodent problems. Instead, we look at the evidence we find in and around your home and we listen to your reports of the problem, then we develop a Custom Rodent Control Plan just for you, so we know we have done exactly what your home needs to resolve the issue!  Our Rodent Control Specialists provide Trapping and Removal, Decontamination Services, and Entry Prevention and Repair at a Lower Price than our Competitors. We are fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured which allows us to provide Great Customer Service. 

When Procore Pest Control sends a Rodent Removal Expert out to your home or business, he doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all plan to offer you. Our Experts will conduct a thorough Home Inspection of your attics, crawl spaces, and exterior of your house in order to assess the problem and find possible solutions. We will take into account all presenting evidence found in and around your home and factor in your reports of sounds, smells, sightings, etc., in order to formulate a Custom Rodent Removal Plan that includes:

  • Resolving the Wildlife Problem
  • Sanitizing and Deodorizing Your Home
  • Repairing any damage to wires, ducts, interior walls, insulation, etc.
  • Preventing future issues by sealing up any possible entry points on the exterior of your home
  • Providing Customer Education throughout the entire process to empower you to maintain rodent control on your property

Call us today so that we can dispatch one of our Rodent Control Experts to conduct a free investigation of your home, attic, and property to pinpoint where the rats, mice or squirrels are gaining access to your house. We will then develop a Custom Rodent Removal Plan based on the evidence we found at your home to get rid of those pesky rodents once and for all!


When you encounter a bad bug problem, call ProCore.  We serve the Charleston SC Area (843) 779-7170; Columbia SC Area (803) 728-6677; Upstate SC Area (864) 520-5100; and Norfolk VA Area (757) 600-4455.

Our technicians are trained in the latest environmental equipment and procedures to give your family the best protection possible. We guarantee our work 100 percent, we arrive on time, and we perform all services at your scheduled convenience!   You won’t find a better or more committed pest control company in Virginia or South Carolina.