Summertime mosquito control service is especially important this year as many people spend more time outside due to COVID-19.

With 40 years of experience, ProCore Pest Control is a proven expert at getting rid of pesky mosquitoes that can ruin a barbeque, a kids’ party, a quiet day in the backyard, or the ambience of an outdoor restaurant.

ProCore handles summertime mosquito control problems at homes, multi-unit apartment complexes and businesses in South Carolina and Norfolk, Va. The company uses a special spray to eliminate breeding sites and resting sites of mosquitoes.  These bugs, incidentally, get their name from the Spanish word for little flies. But their bites can sting, especially for children and seniors. In rare cases, they can be carriers of West Nile virus, encephalitis, dengue, malaria, canine heartworm, and chikungunya, a virus.

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Affordable service plans for summertime mosquito control in South Carolina and Norfolk, VA

ProCore inspects your property for spots where summertime mosquitoe’s nest or breed.  Then, a trained technician applies a nature-based spray. It puts a mist over problem areas and lasts about 30 days. ProCore also is available for special event spraying as well as monthly and seasonal spraying.

Almost any amount of water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes – air conditioner condensation, leaky outdoor faucets, pools, standing puddles, birdbaths, watering cans and rain gutters.

ProCore’s Barrier Spray Program mist is eco-friendly yet very effective at ridding your property of mosquitoes. Our technicians are trained summertime mosquito control experts equipped with the latest technology. Their mission is to let you and your family be outdoors and enjoy your property.

Don’t let mosquitoes get under your skin and ruin your outdoor activities.

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Upstate SC Area – (864) 520-5100

Columbia SC Area – (803) 728-6677

Charleston SC Area – (843) 779-7170

Norfolk VA Area – (757) 600-4455

ProCore guarantees summertime mosquito control service!

For residents of South Carolina and Norfolk, Va., ProCore Pest Control is the smart choice for summertime mosquito control services.  Our technicians arrive on time for appointments, uses only experienced technicians, works its schedule around your convenience, and guarantees its work! That’s a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Property-owners can help themselves by eliminating areas that allow mosquitoes to breed and nest. Remember, mosquitoes need less than an inch of water to breed.

Some suggestions:

  • Dispose of old tires. If they’re being used for playground equipment, drill drainage holes in them.
  • When they’re not in use, turn plastic wading pools, clay pots and pet food dishes upside down or bring them inside.
  • Use yellow “bug” lights outdoors rather than white lights. Mosquitoes are drawn to “bug” lights much less than to ordinary lights.

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We follow COVID-19 health protocols and other safety measures endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and local health departments.


When you encounter a bad Mosquito Control Problem, call ProCore.  We serve the Charleston SC Area (843) 779-7170; Columbia SC Area (803) 728-6677; Upstate SC Area (864) 520-5100; and Norfolk VA Area (757) 600-4455.

Our technicians are trained in the latest environmental equipment and procedures to give your family the best protection possible. We guarantee our work 100 percent, we arrive on time, and we perform all services at your scheduled convenience!   You won’t find a better or more committed pest control company in Virginia or South Carolina.